5 Tips For Taking Great Action Photos

Have you ever tried to snap a photo of your child running and it came out blurry? Or you wanted to get a great candid photo but your subjects were moving too quickly? Photographing action is necessary for sports photography but it can be a handy skill no matter what you choose to photograph. Although it may seem impossible to get that perfect action shot at first, we promise that it’s easier than you think! Follow these five tips to start taking fantastic action photos, follow these five tips.


  1. Use a faster shutter speed

A fast shutter speed is one of the most important things to capture action shots. The right shutter speed will depend on how fast your subject is moving.  We recommend choosing a shutter speed of  1/400 for indoor motion and 1/1000 for outdoor action and taking some test shots before the action begins to see how sharp your images are. If you notice any blurriness, increase your shutter speed.

2. Find the right vantage point

Vantage point is key for a great action shot. You don’t just want to have a clear view, you also want to have the best vantage point. Consider the different angles of your subjects and how you can best see their reactions and movements.

3. Learn to pan

Panning refers to moving the camera along with the object you are trying to capture. Don’t wait for someone to run past you to catch their photo. Instead turn toward the subject and follow it as it moves past you. This increases your chances of capturing a sharper image. Ensure you have a steady stance and keep your feet firmly planted. Then twist from the waist to follow the movement. When the moment is right, fully press the shutter button.

4. Pay attention to lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in any photo but it can really make a difference in an action photo if you are not paying attention to it. Increasing your ISO can help you in these situations. Raising the ISO can help you to see more light when you shoot at a higher shutter speed. Be careful to test this as if your ISO is too high, the images could appear grainy.

5. Always keep shooting

The one thing you don’t want to miss is the action! Keep your eyes on the action and don’t stop to look at the photos you have already taken. You can do that once the game is over and the action has finished. You could miss a crucial moment and the more shots you take, the more likely you are to capture that perfect action shot.

These five tips will help you improve your action photography skills which can lead to fantastic sports photography or a truly beautiful photo of your child in motion. Whatever your photography goals are, it’s time to practice! Let us know what was the best tip for you and tag us @DCSportsPhotographyAcademy in your Instagram photos so we can see your amazing action shots!

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