George Mason vs Penn State Men’s Basketball

New student Betsy Upton reached out to us to improve her sports photography so she could capture better photos of her son playing basketball and baseball. She already owned the proper equipment with a full frame Nikon body and a pro level 70-200mm lens, but she couldn’t figure out why all her images were coming out yellow and blurry.

After sitting down with her and going over her settings, she admited that she was setting the camera in sports mode and letting the camera do all the work for her. After a quick lesson in white balance and how to set up the camera in manual mode, we headed out on the floor to shoot the George Mason vs Penn State basketball game.

Judging by her photos, she seems to have learned how to set up her camera properly and after she game she told me how she couldn’t wait for her son’s first game of the year to use everything she learned.

Great job Betsy!

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